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A healthy pool means healthy swimming

Indoor pool - a refreshing choice

An indoor pool can be a lot of fun if ventilated and dehumidified properly. The complex environment needs constant care and maintenance. Ventilation plays a significant role in occupant comfort and asset protection. Chemicals used to treat the pool water can build up leading to possible respiratory problems for some bathers. Bringing in a supply of fresh air and removing stale humid air can alleviate this problem. Chemicals can also build up causing structure corrosion diluting the pollution with fresh air can protect the building.

Using a Fantech HRV provides an economical, energy saving solution to pool ventilation and dehumidification in climates where the air is dryer outside than inside. Heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the incoming cooler air raising the temperature and lowering the load on the HVAC system. The unit is designed to reduce the occurrence of condensation in the indoor environment by first operating in the recirculation mode, moving air around the structure, keeping windows dry and eliminating troublesome cold spots, then switching to air exchange mode as needed.

For correct sizing of your pool HRV contact Fantech Customer Support.

Pool or other humid application?

If you are using our equipment to ventilate a building where there is an indoor pool, an HRV should be used due to the high indoor relative humidity. In cold climates, we recommend using the SHR800 or SHR1400, since they have extra cabinet insulation to prevent condensation on the HRV and a more aggressive and energy efficient frost prevention system needed for indoor pool applications in cold climates.