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PFEDK Rn Diagnostic Tool Kit
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Due to varying sub slab soil conditions and building size, determining the exact negative pressure required for the job has always been a challenge. Not knowing exact sub slab pressure drop characteristic, radon mitigation becomes art not a science.

Pressure Field Extension Diagnostic Kit, or PFEDK, as the name implies is a tool that can help radon mitigators accurately sizing any sub-slab depressurization application up to 4.4” Static. No more guessing or “poking and hoping” that the past experience would work.

It’s a science, use it to your advantage

  • Measure, analyse and select the right fan the first time
  • Confidently and scientifically can say you have used the best fan for the job
  • Instant credibility that separates you from competitors
  • Don’t have to go back and replace an undersized fan
  • No more guessing
  • Eliminate the potential for oversizing a fan for the job
  • Know the complexity of the system in advance will help you
  • Use data and graphs for record keeping
  • Operational cost savings for the homeowner

What’s in the kit?

Fantech’s PFEDK includes our Rn 4EC fan, LDVI Pressure Sensing Couplings to fit a 4” PVC pipe, digital manometer, app and cross reference materials, all housed in a road-tough, heavy duty Pelican® rolling case.