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Fantech is a part of Systemair Group
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Sustainability - good business

Sustainability - responsibility and quality

Through continuous improvement in the work environment, energy consumption and new technology, we can contribute to sustainable and profitable long-term development.

Business activities

High-quality products with a long service life have the least environmental impact over time. Our development resources focus on creating products with low energy consumption.

Built-in quality consciousness
We have a process-led business system, and quality consciousness is built into our mission and our values. 
The “Constant Improvement” project, a tool to monitor and improve operations, is in operation at all times. Every single product is always tested before delivery, and with our own AMCA accredited test laboratory we can guarantee that catalogue data is accurate. Nine of our production facilities have ISO 9001 certification.

Business ethics
Fantech's products and services are marketed and sold in a manner that is justifiable on commercial as well as ethical grounds, that is, based on factors such as quality, price, reliability of delivery and high-level service. Fantech complies with each country’s cartel and competition laws.
Fantech's employees are not allowed to demand, offer or accept bribes or other illegal benefits to retain a customer or close a business deal.

Fantech's suppliers shall be evaluated and selected on the basis of their ability to deliver on sound commercial terms and their ability to live up to Fantech's code of conduct. We do not accept products from suppliers who use child labor directly or indirectly through their subcontractors.

Logistics flows
We have coordinated our production at our main plants and have closed smaller production plants.This will result in higher capacity utilisation in existing plants and more efficient logistics. In turn, this will reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental efforts

No environmental impact on air or water
Fantech develops energy-efficient products that create a good indoor environment. Our production has no environmental impact on air or water. Neither are we subject to compulsory environmental licensing, only a duty of notification. Environmental issues and efforts are still a high-priority area. We are continuously improving our products, methods and procedures to minimize the impact on the environment. Our products are recyclable and our components environment-friendly. Production plants in Sweden and Germany have earned ISO 14001 environmental certification.

We make a point of maintaining high standards for the buildings we own or lease. The buildings we build ourselves are of a high standard from the start. They are well-insulated and have energy-efficient ventilation systems. With buildings we acquire, our first action is often to furnish the roof with fresh insulation. This increases comfort, reduces energy consumption and is a profitable investment.

Green IT
Systemair works systematically for Green IT, in other words, develops strategies and guidelines for energy-efficient solutions so as to minimize negative environment impact. This means ensuring optimal use of hardware and infrastructure by using en­ergy-efficient server farms and making more effective use of all existing data capacity through “virtualization”.

Responsibility to the community

Social responsibility has long been a part of Fantech's corporate culture, and we are aware of the role our Company plays in society. Regardless of where in the world we are doing business, good relationships with external partners are decisive for long-term success.

We strive to understand each society and culture we live and work in, to become involved in local community activities that promote development in the community and benefit local business­. Sporting and cultural activities for children and youth are a high priority. We do not sponsor political or religious organizations. Fantech ob­serves the laws and regulations in effect in the countries where we are active.

Work environment

Through continuous improvement in the work environment, the external environment and energy consumption, Fantech's business activities can contribute to sustainable and profitable long-term development. New technology, product development and new findings are evaluated taking into consideration the work environment and environmental protection as well as energy optimisation.

Our employees are to have a stimulating and healthy work environment that prevents accidents and that stimulates them to work efficiently towards goals, taking responsibility for their tasks and developing their expertise.

No employee may receive special treatment in terms of employment or job tasks because of age, ethnicity, nationality, sex, religion or disability. All employees will be treated with respect, and no employee will be subject to degrading or insulting treatment.

Fantech employees decide on their own whether to join a labour union in accordance with the legislation in effect in the country where they work. Violence or the threat of violence in the workplace, harassment, bullying or similar infringements on employees will not be tolerated.

Fantech's employees must not distribute, possess, use or work under the influence of drugs at any of Fantech's workplaces.