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You are here: Fantech CANADA | Ventilation Products

Fantech is a part of Systemair Group
To find more information about Systemair, please click on the link below.

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Commercial Ventilators

Fantech offers a range of fans, controllers for Constant Air Volume (CAV) and ventilation accessories for use in various applications from small office premises and restaurants to industrial applications.

FRD Series

The FRD rectangular centrifucal type exhaust/supply fans are specifically designed for large ventilation needs where space is at a premium, such as hospitals, schools, or office buildings. Airflow up to 2,318 cfm. Learn more here.

FSD Series

The FSD inline mixed flow square fans may be used for supply, exhaust or ducted air movement where relatively high air flow rate against moderate static pressure is desired. Airflow up to 6,993 cfm. Learn more here.

FADE Series

The FADE series axial fans are designed to effectively and quietly handle major ventilation challenges in locations such as large warehouses without taking up a lot of valuable space. Airflow up to 7,858 cfm. To learn more click here.

FKD Series

The FKD, mixed flow fans blend the high air flow of axial fans with the higher pressure, non-overloading characteristics of backward curved impeller. Available with both AC motors and EC motors.

AC Models - Airflow up to 6,291 cfm. Learn more here.

EC models - Airflow up to 5,967 cfm. Learn more here.

Customer Support

Contact Fantech for efficient ventilation products for your next application.

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