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Kitchen Ventilation

Does a Silencer reduce airflow?

No, an LD Silencer does little to reduced your ventilation airflow.

Where should the Silencer be placed in my Fantech Kitchen Hood exhaust system?

The silencer may be placed anywhere inline between the hood and the remote mounted inline or exterior mounted fan. However, it is normally mounted close to the inlet of the remote fan for ease of installation.

How do I choose the right size fan for my kitchen hood ventilation system?

Visit the web site of the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) for recommendations.

What is the purpose of a silencer and when do I need to use one?

The Fantech LD silencer reduces the "perceived" noise of a kitchen ventilation system by 50-60%. This is particularly important with range hoods where the airflow rate is generally high (300cfm+).

Does Fantech sell decorative Range Hoods?

No, Fantech sells hood liners which can used inside a wood hood that matches your cabinets or custom made facade such as mantle style hoods.

Fantech sells two different styles of hood liners in several sizes.

- The HL hood liners are constructed of all stainless steel. They are available in 30", 36", 42" and 48" width. Depth of 18".