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• Dryer exhaust fan
• Pressure sensing switch automatically turns on the dryer exhaust fan
• Vibration welded seam ensures leak proof housing
• Performance certified by HVI; safety certified by ETL to UL507

The DBF 110 Dryer Exhaust fan is engineered of thermoplastic resin. This model features a fully sealed plastic housing that is joined via a vibration welding process. The fan is equipped with an integral, automatic pressure switch. It can be used on dryer duct runs up to 108 feet. The fan's backward inclined blades allow lint to pass through the fan. The fan can be mounted in any angle at any point along the duct work and straight-through air flow design allows easy installation.

Fantech dryer exhaust fans have been specially designed to solve the problems caused by long duct runs on clothes dryers. According to dryer manufacturers and some local building codes, booster fans should be added in the dryer duct run when the length of the duct exceeds 24 feet with no bends, 20 feet with one bend or 15 feet with two bends.

When the dryer is on, Fantech's patented pressure sensing switch automatically turns the fan on. The warm, moist air in the dryer duct is exhausted out of the building quickly. The dryer booster fan monitors the status of the dryer and will turn itself off when the dryer stops.

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