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Auto Sensing Everything Bathroom Fan

Fantech® introduces Serenity™ Series bathroom fans, combining elegance, efficiency, autosensing operation and truly-quiet operation

The new Serenity series bathroom fans from Fantech help homeowners solve the perennial challenge of bathroom ventilation. Getting moisture out of bathrooms quickly avoids problems like mold and mildew growth, which can damage surfaces and requires expensive, time-consuming cleanup. More immediately, proper ventilation ensures a bathroom always smells fresh, no matter how much traffic it sees. Fantech's Serenity series fans offer a smart, quiet and efficient answer to all of these issues. 

"Serenity series fans can be adapted to nearly any size bathroom, with any number of plumbing fixtures", explains Fan Product Manager Mark Wald. "Even with a large bathroom, the grilles are small and the motor is absolutely quiet. With programmable control options, homeowners can choose a present run time for occupancy mode, and/or select humidity tracking. Our goal is to give consumers options, and the Serenity series does exactly that."

Homeowners can configure their Serenity fans to operate in any of three concurrent modes: continuous, humidity and occupancy. When activated for occupancy, the fan will continue running for a pre-determined amount of time once the bathroom is vacant. In the humidity mode, built-in sensors will activate the fan once an increase in moisture is sensed; the fan will shut off once humidity has returned to normal.

As with all Fantech products, the Serenity series of all-in-one bathroom fans are a model of efficiency. The fans are ENERGY STAR® 4.0 qualified, using approximately 70% less power than conventional ventilation fans. All Fantech Serenity series fans come with a 7-year warranty.

While saving energy is a powerful benefit, high efficiency does not mean compromising on performance. Fantech manufactures complete ventilation systems that will work perfectly in any sized bathroom, even the spacious, spa-like bathrooms so popular today. With the altitude correction feature, Serenity series fans are capable of maintaining ideal airflow at up to 7,000 feet above sea level. The included wall switch, meanwhile, gives homeowners access to the various system settings, including the capacity to turn the system off. LED lights on each wall switch indicate the fan's current status.

The Serenity series is available in single and dual-grille combinations that can be mounted in multiple locations. The fan motor is typically installed in an attic space, which limits the sound of the fan to less than a whisper. For homeowners looking to remodel a bathroom, Fantech provides complete retrofit kits that make installing a new fan quick and easy. Error-free, color-coded wires and CAT5 cables mean the Serenity series fans are truly a "plug and play" solution for modern bathroom ventilation.