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Fantech is a part of Systemair Group
To find more information about Systemair, please click on the link below.

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Improvements to HRV & ERV

At Fantech, we are constantly striving to update our products for the most reliable operation and installation friendly components

Ongoing efforts of product standardization and improvement have led to the update of model/item numbers and subsequent product discontinuations.

Please, refer to the table below for the cross-reference between new and discontinued models.

Updated Features Include (selected models):
  • Metal hinges & latches on doors = Easier, reliable access
  • Side wiper rail for the core = Better internal core seal
  • Improved damper motor = More reliable damper operation
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified = Certified for low power consumption
Item# Model Status Item# Model Status
40071  SHR 1505R Old 99214 SHR 150R New!
40072 SHR 1504 Old 99213 SHR 150 New!
91686 SHR 150 Old
40085 SER 1504 Old 99209 SER 150 New!
44921 VHR 150 Old 99203 VHR 150 New!
44859 VHR 150R Old 99204 VHR 150R New!
40392 VHR 704 Old 91687 VHR 70 New!
44695 VHR 70R Old 99211 VHR 70R ES New!
40063 VHR 2005R Old 45617 VHR 200R New!

Although all new models have improved features and performance, LIST pricing remains the same for your convenience and continuity of standing quotes you may have with customers. 

New images and product data sheets can be found in our online catalog

Please, update your records to reflect the new model/item numbers effective immediately.