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DB10 Pressure Switch Kit
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DB10 Pressure Switch Kit is a positive pressure sensing switch that is used with a dryer exhaust fan.

The switch senses dryer operation and activates the exhaust fan from an independent electrical circuit (120VAC). The electrical supply to the fan is connected in series through the DB10 switch. Within 10 seconds of the dryer beginning operation, positive pressure in the duct causes the switch diaphragm to close, activating the electronic timer circuit. The timer directs power to the fan in consecutive 5-minute cycles, effectively providing continuous exhaust as long as the dryer is on. When the dryer finishes its operation, the fan will complete the 5-minute cycle that it had started before the dryer stopped and then it will begin one final clearing cycle of 5 minutes. This means that the fan will continue to run for between 5 and 10 minutes after the dryer has stopped.

The switch is recommended to use with RVF 4XL exhaust fan

The DB10 switch can be located anywhere along the dryer duct between the dryer and the fan. Locating the switch close to the exhaust fan is recommended as this will allow a short wiring connection between the switch and the fan.

DB10 should be connected to an electrical wiring box (not included into the kit). The electrical box should be permanently attached to a wall or other building structure. The switch is intended for indoor use only.


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