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Attached garages are an obvious source of pollution

Solution to a source of pollution

From unhealthy odors and gasses from carsand mechanical equipment to stored garden chemicals, attached garages are a source of pollution.

If your mechanical equipment is in your garage, any exposed duct work that is not sealed properly, could introduce unhealthy pollutants into your home. Even when your mechanical equipment system isn't in the garage you are probably introducing pollutants into your homewhen you open the door to the home after parking your car.

Installing and running a wall or roof fan will ventilate the pollutants directly outside, ensuring a safer healthier garage and home. The fan can be operated from a timer, CO2 sensor, motion sensor or thermostat. It must run continuously or be designed to run with an automatic timer, light switch, occupant sensor, garage door opening/closing mechanism, carbon monoxide sensor or equivalent.

The timer must be set to provide at least 3 air changes when the fan is on. All that is required is a wall or roof fan with a small grille such as the MGE4 on the inside wall or roof.

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