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Fresh and clean.. even when it isn't laundry time

Residential laundry with a washer and dryer

Fantech inline Dryer Exhaust Fans (previously known as Dryer Boosters) are specially designed to solve problems caused by long duct runs on clothes dryers. Long duct runs with multiple elbows can cause extended drying time as well as lint and moisture build up in the duct. Lint build up is a common cause of dryer fires.

How do they work?

When the dryer starts, Fantech’s patented pressure sensing switch automatically turns on the dreyer exhaust fan, which moves the warm, moist air and lint out of the home. The fan maintains a velocity of 1200 FPM to keep lint airborne and expelled.

Did you know...

...dryers don't have an indicator to tell if there is a build up of lint in the duct?

A safety feature of the DBF 4XLT and DEDPV-705 models is a visual indicator panel. This provides the user with a visual indication of correct operation or a pressure increase due to a blocked duct. This advanced warning allows the user to take action to clean the dryer exhaust duct.

...that Spontaneous Combustion can occur in the dryer after the dryer stops due to high heat and no airflow? 

The DEDPV continues to operate for a short period of time after the dryer stops which cools the clothes and lessens the risk of spontaneous combustion.