A premium bath is part of your guest’s perfect Getaway

Part of being a hospitable host is keeping quiet during unreasonable times of the night. In a home where a single bathroom is adjacent to a guest bedroom, it might be beneficial to have a quiet bath fan nearby. Another part of being a hospitable host is looking good! Luckily our grilles are a simple and stylish addition to any modern bathroom. A 60-minute timer FD 60EM is a great way to simplify your guest's experience.

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PBW 110 Bath fan w/grille

An excellent alternative to a remote inline fan when space is an issue or direct venting to the outside is required. Ideal for homes, condominiums and apartment complexes. Comes with a 4" grille.

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FD 60EM 60-min timer

Consider using an exhaust fan timer FD 60EM to make sure your bathroom gets the proper amount of ventilation without having to rely on people to turn the fan switch on and off.

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FIDT4 Insulated flexible duct

Acoustical insulated flexible duct speeds up installation by reducing the number of joints in a run and eliminating the need for elbows and offsets.

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