A creative solution for her creative space

Keep the air and ideas coming FRESH all day long.

Her creative get-away is only steps away from your house back door. Of course, a limited sized space like this requires smart solutions to keep the air fresh through the winters and summers. A ductless mini-split unit is a great way to keep this space temperature controlled. Due to its small size, the she shed needs ventilation.

A CM3000 can easily introduce fresh, filtered air and keep the inspiration coming. 

In seasons when the weather is especially extreme, try pairing the CM unit with the FDT7 timer to control supply air on demand.

CM3000 Fresh air filtration unit

Fresh air HEPA filtration unit with 3 stage air filtration. 220 cfm of fresh air coming into the shed at all times. Paired with FDT7, the unit can operate on/off on demand. 

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MGS 6 Supply air grilles

Grilles installed under the ceiling introduce fresh air into the space. Attractive metal look, painted white.

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FDT7 7-Day Timer

Precise timing with flexibility of daily or weekly programming and ON/AUTO/OFF modes allows for delivering fresh air on demand.

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