Misty No More!

Does your basement have that smell?
Basements tend to hold moisture and stale air particulates to create that signature smell. A hear recovery ventilator like VHR 70 can introduce great quality air while also exporting undesirable smelly particles.

Some solutions suggest simply removing air with an exhaust fan, but that would create a negative pressure that isn’t optimal for air quality in your basement. Exhaust fans also send out energy and conditioned air that your home worked so hard to produce. With a fresh air appliance, your basement can keep the good air while kicking the bad air to the curb. 

It’s a win-win. 

Ventilate. Easy.

VHR 70 Heat Recovery Ventilator

VHR70 exhausts existing basement air and brings in fresh, outdoor air. It prevents the basement from stagnation of air and excessive moisture. 

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MGS4 / MGE4 Supply & Exhaust grilles

Supply and exhaust air grilles MGS and MGE for mounting into rigit or flexible ducts. 

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FDT7 7-Day Programmable Timer

Precise timing with flexibility of daily or weekly programming and ON/AUTO/OFF modes allows for deliveing fresh air on demand.

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