It's time to go outside!

Not every home is capable of installing a traditional inline dryer exhaust fan. Maybe the pitch of your roof is too shallow or a tricky remodel moved the laundry away from the adjoining living room so they could actually hear the television.

If you’ve got a laundry room in a space that needs something different, you can take the fight outside with the RVF 4XL. Adding the required DB10 Automatic Pressure Switch lets you set it and forget it!

Dry. Easy.

RVF 4XL Dryer exhaust fan

Take the fight out! The exterior-mounted fan paired with the pressure switch DB10 automatically exhausts hot and moist air to outside with virtually zero noise. RVF 4XL is effective for duct runs up to 130 feet in length.

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DB 10 Pressure switch kit

The DB10 switch senses dryer operation and activates the side wall exhaust fan from an independent electrical circuit (120V). The switch is equipped with a timer that effectively provides the fan continuous exhaust as long as the dryer is on. 

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DBLT4W Secondary lint trap

Airborne lint from your home's dryer may accumulate in the exhaust duct and cause some clogging issues. The secondary lint trap DBLT4W installed between the dryer and exhaust dryer ventilator filters the air catches the lint and protects the exhaust fan and the ductwork.

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