When you think of serious hazards in your home, this one doesn't come to mind: clogged dryer ducts and vents. It's not a hazard to health, such as for example, mold or radon gas.

Given the right conditions, lint in the ductwork can self-ignite and result in a fire. Taking proper precautions helps minimizing the risk.

Watch this video and learn a simple way to find a peace of mind.

Are the latest home building designs put you at risk?

Gone are the days that dryers could be vented directly through an exterior wall with just a few feet of straight duct. Buyers now expect conveniently located laundry spaces — but these location preferences come at a cost.

Learn how to overcome challenges of long dryer duct runs.

Fantech's Standard of Excellence in Laundry and Safety

Designed specifically for safety and dryer exhaust


1. CSA approved for both Gas & Electric dryer applications
2. Supports lengths of duct up to 125 feet*
3. 5 foot power cord/120V
4. All metal housing
5. Automatically energizes when the dryer begins to operate and runs a 5 minute cool down cycle after the dryer completes its run cycle; No user interaction necessary!
6. Indicator Panel: Provides confidence to the occupants that the system is working properly and also signals when attention is necessary
7. 1 duct clamp for easy install and maintenance

*125 feet measurement based on air pressure at sea-level elevation.

It used to make perfect sense to put a dryer on the outward facing wall of your house. Then homeowners got wise and wanted them closer to the
bedrooms where the dirty clothes are. While a dryer fan is rated well enough to exhaust lint through a shorter duct length, the homeowner’s tastes have changed.

Let us help you extend the viable duct length of over 100 feet with our inline and externally mounted solutions.

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