Inline solution for in-suite laundries

Even though you probably clean the screen in your dryer out after every use, lint still manages to work its way out and builds up in the ductwork. It is highly flammable and the most likely culprit in a fire started by your dyer.

While regular maintenance is still vital for a healthy length of duct, Fantech’s dryer exhaust fans are designed to give an extra kick to the warm, moist air and lint trapped in the duct.

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DPV 22-2 Dryer exhaust duct power ventilator

If the exhaust duct from your dryer goes on and on forever or it has more turns and twists than your favorite roller coaster, your dryer may take an extra-long time to dry the clothes. Your laundry then may need a dryer exhaust ventilator DPV22-2. It will give an extra kick to the warm and moist air to escape the duct.

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DBLT4W Secondary lint trap

Airborne lint from your home's dryer may accumulate in the exhaust duct and cause some clogging issues. The secondary lint trap installed between the dryer and exhaust dryer ventilator filters the air catches the lint and protects the exhaust fan and the ductwork.

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Exhaust wall louver

Dryer vent louvers only open when the dryer is in use.  When closed, they prevent cold air from entering the home in winter, or air-conditioned air from leaving the home in summer. The louvers also keep rain, snow, and dust or other debris from blowing into the dryer vent.

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