New high pressure inline fan for radon mitigation

New radon fan quietly and efficiently gets mitigation industry up to speed.

A new inline fan from Fantech is set to revolutionize the radon mitigation industry. With its performance, the new Rn 4EC does what no other inline radon fan has done to date, which is provide whisper quiet, 24/7-hour operation at a fan speed that can be adjusted to meet the exact depressurization or air flow requirements of a given application. It’s quieter, more efficient, and easier to apply than any other sub-slab depressurization method available today.

Rn4-4 includes the first LDVI™ (Low Durometer Vibration Isolators) couplings designed specifically to reduce vibration in radon fans. The LDVI couplings are made of a softer, more flexible (low durometer) material that reduces the transmission of vibration from the fan to the pipe, resulting in quieter system operation.

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