Does a loud range hood keep you from using your indoor voice?

Does your kitchen require less than 400 CFM? Smaller kitchens don’t require a monolith of power to evacuate air on a regular basis. If this is the case for your multi-family or single-family project, consider a Fantech, remote mount kitchen exhaust solution. 

A remote fan allows you to have a much quiter kitchen environment when you’re running the range hood. In homes where entertaining in the kitchen is becoming more common place, this feature is sure to help keep your voice at an appropriate level all night long.

Show your voice. Easy.

RE 8XL Roof Exhaust Fan

This roof fan allows exhast air escape freely without any noice in your kitchen. It is also a considerably quieter solution than you might think because of the remote location on the roof’s exterior.

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HL36 Hood Liner

Whether the hood is wooden, metal or masonry, the HL Series hood liners are compatible with most hood designs. Attractive stainless steel fascia supported by a sturdy, galvanized steel housing. 

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RSK8 Backdraft Damper

This backdraft damper keeps unwanted air from outdoor entering your kitchen via the exhaust duct when the range hood isn't in use.

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