Is your home radioactive?

Before you put on your hazmat suit, read this.

Radon is an invisible, odorless, radioactive gas that has a tendency to build up under the concrete foundation of your home. Remember, concrete is porous and radon is a gas. That means it can penetrate through the tiny holes in a home’s foundation. Unfortunately, being exposed to this radioactive isotope won't give you superpowers.

Regardless of location, the only way to know if a home contains dangerous levels of radon is to test for it. One house can have radon levels next to zero while the house next door can have levels that are off the charts.

Learn how Fantech can keep your home safe with the utmost accuracy with their industry-leading technology. Protect. Easy.

Rn2 Radon Mitigation Fan

Rn2 has an ideally tailored performance curve for a vast majority of radon gas mitigations that require medium air flow and suction. The gas is exhausted above the eave of the building via a sealed pipe system.

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FRIK 4x4 Installation Kit

While making your installation job easier, this FRIK kit provides you with all you need to put on the finishing touches.

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PFEDK Diagnostic Kit

PFEDK allows you to size accurately any sub-slab depressurization application up to 4.4” Static. Measure, analyze, and select the right fan to your job and gain instant credibility in your clients’ eyes.

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