DEDPV-705 approved for GAS clothes dryers

As you may know, the Fantech DEDPV-705 product has been UL listed for use with residential electric clothes dryers when it was originally launched back in 2015. At the time, gas dryers were excluded and needed further evaluation for safety.

Due to an extensive research campaign led by Fantech, the UL safety requirement, previously exempting compatibility of the DEDPV-705 with gas clothes dryers, has been lifted as of October 2019.

We are pleased to announce that the Fantech DEDPV-705 is now suitable for use with both residential GAS and ELECTRIC clothes dryers. The change applies to both new and previously manufactured DEDPV-705s.

This updated listing can be found on the UL Product iQ website under “ZACZ.E165879” for those seeking official reference.

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NOTE: Competing manufactures claim that their products can be used with Gas and/or Electric clothes dryers. Verification should be made through the official UL website to assure
compliance to the Supplemental Appendix (SA) section of UL705; Dryer boosters are not DEDPVs.

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