PB Series

Premium Bathroom Ventilation

Elevate your bathroom experience with the PB Series – a remote-mount ventilating fan for refreshing atmospheres in any space.

From subtle single grille fans ideal for smaller baths and powder rooms to the dual grille fans perfect for larger bathrooms or complex layouts, PB Series fans offer quiet yet powerful ventilation tailored to your needs.

Designed to remove humidity, these fans ensure peace and tranquility in your home while meeting the stringent requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.2.

Premium Bath, Part of a Perfect Getaway

Single Bath

As a gracious host, maintaining a peaceful environment is key, especially with a bathroom adjacent to a guest bedroom. Our PB bath fans ensure tranquility.

Enhance your bathroom's aesthetics with our stylish grilles, and simplify your guests' experience with the convenient 60-minute timer FD 60EM.

Discover how Fantech elevates your bathroom design into the perfect retreat. 

Application rendering of the pb110

4" Ceiling Grille Housing

PB 110 Remote-Mount Bathroom Fan

Double the Delight

Two bathrooms, one fan

Achieve twice the luxury. Connect two bathrooms with a remotely located fan for premium, quiet, and cost-effective ventilation. Customize features with multiple switches and sensors. Explore unique grille options to make your bathroom truly stand out. Bathe in comfort with our innovative solutions 

PB 270 Remote-Mount Bathroom Fan

4" Ceiling Grille Housing

4" Ceiling Grille Housing

Creating a Fresh Experience

Public bathrooms

Public bathrooms demand fresh air for a focus on what matters—like savoring freshly ground coffee. In a versatile commercial setting, flexibility is key. Our remote bathroom fan offers central mounting with the ability to manage multiple inlets effortlessly. Plus, future modifications are a breeze—move or add inlets without the hassle of extra electrical work or costly hardware purchases.

Application rendering of a commercial bathroom

4" Ceiling Grille Housing

4" Ceiling Grille Housing

PB 190 Remote-Mount Bathroom Fan

Supporting Assets