Basement Ventilation

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The modern-day basement is part laundry area, part storage room, part kids' play area, and part family living area. Whether it is an older unfinished basement or new construction, basements play a part in family memories and residential wellbeing. 

In most cases, a thin crawlspace is refurbished into a mechanical and storage room. Because these older homes are not tightly insulated, moisture, gases from stored chemicals (such as paint cans, cleaning supplies, etc.), and stale air will linger in this space before eventually moving into the house. This is known as the stack effect.

One way to solve this problem is to install a dedicated fresh air appliance to ventilate the space.

A fresh air appliance like the VHR 70 can introduce fresh air throughout the home, while also removing undesirable odors and impurities to the outdoors.

Application Renderings

VHR 70

This product exhausts existing basement air and brings in fresh, outdoor air. It prevents stagnant basement air and excessive moisture through balanced ventilation.


Supply and exhaust air grilles MGS and MGE for mounting into rigid or flexible ducts.


Precise timing with flexibility of daily or weekly programming, and ON/AUTO/OFF modes deliver fresh air on demand.

How it Works

Quality air, regulated temperatures

A fresh air appliance brings in fresh, tempered air by transferring heat from the outgoing exhausted, stale air. In this situation, the fresh air appliance is installed only for the basement air. This means it will be installed separate from the HVAC system, will keep air fresher in the basement space, and will help prevent undesirable air from rising into the main living spaces.

Regulations and Factors

Important to know
  • IMC 502. Basements and Pits Ventilation must be designed to prevent the accumulation of flammable vapors where Class I liquids are stored in a building with a basement where flammable vapors can travel.

  • Local Codes Local authorities may have their own requirements.

  • Code Compliance and Efficiency Adhering to codes ensures safety and minimizes costs through energy-efficient solutions.

  • Knowledge, Value, and Importance of IAQ Basements are highly susceptible to mold growth. By introducing ventilation, you can create a dryer environment that will inhibit the growth of mold. Furthermore, a fresh air appliance can reduce stagnant air in areas less frequented. This will ensure the air in the main living areas is kept comfortable and safe.

  • CO2 Monitoring If you feel this application requires a CO2 monitor, consider swapping the FTD7 with a CO2 Sensor for comprehensive monitoring of CO2.

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Balanced ventilation, especially those with heat or energy recovery, offers energy-efficient solutions, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing costs.

Installing a fresh air appliance in the basement is crucial for ensuring proper air circulation and removing excess humidity. This system not only improves air quality but also maintains a healthier living environment in above-ground spaces.

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Amir Refaat
Product Manager - Residential AHUs

Discovery Questions

Good to know

Do new homes need a dedicated fresh air appliance in their basement?

Not usually. Modern construction usually has basements that are finished with dedicated ductwork to keep air moving through the space. Unless the customer declares their desire for this setup, this solution is best for retrofits.

If I need to, can I install the fresh air appliance on the ceiling of the basement?

The answer is usually a resounding “yes,” however, please refer to the included instructions with the product or contact Fantech customer service before proceeding.

I have a customer whose “basement” needs a smaller fresh air appliance; is there a product you would recommend?

An excellent product to use in this situation would be one of the FIT fresh air appliances with energy recovery. We have products with less than 100 CFM in this product line that would “fit” great. Consult with a Fantech representative for more information.

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