ATMO Fresh air appliances

HRV/ERV for balanced ventilation in single-family homes

  • Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRVs/ERVs)

  • Side-mounted connections with plastic collars

  • Integrated balancing taps for commissioning

  • Unobstructed front access for fast & easy maintenance

  • Energy-efficient cross-flow core to provide exceptional performance

  • Multi-speed operation to provide exact airflow

  • Compatible with the ECO-Touch® AUTO IAQ Programmable Wall Control

  • Limited warranty (limited lifetime on counterflow core, 7 years on motors, and 5 years on parts)

Energy Efficiency

Recovers up to 75% of the energy from the extracted air and uses it to temper the incoming fresh air, optimizing the energy required to pre-cool or pre-heat the fresh outside air.

Balanced ventilation

ATMO appliances supply fresh, tempered air into indoor spaces while removing excess moisture, ensuring a healthy, comfortable living environment.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

ATMO appliances feature easy-connect ports and balancing taps to simplify installation and commissioning. Unobstructed front access allows for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

These appliances (except for ATMO 150H) have been designed to meet the latest and most stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements, making them even more dependable, efficient, and simple to install.

If using an ATMO-E for a simplified installation, i.e. connecting the appliance’s supply air duct to a furnace's return air duct, the appliance must operate continuously. In case the appliance is turned off, the furnace will continue to draw in outdoor air directly into the furnace without re-heating or re-cooling. If the appliance is installed such that the homeowner may turn it off during the cold or hot seasons, we recommend installing a motorized damper ADC 6 between the appliance’s supply air and the furnace's return air duct that closes when the appliance is not operating.

Mounting brackets (#463942) are sold separately.

ATMO™ Comparison

Airflow range (low-high) (cfm @ 0.4" wg.)35-15035-19135-16135-201130-300
Duct connection (inch)66666
Voltage/Phase (V/-)120/1120/1120/1120/1120/1
Connection typeRoundRoundRoundRoundRound
Consumed power (low/high speed) (W)54/16850/16852/16852/16831/200
Fan Efficacy @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F1.
Apparent Sensible Recovery Efficiency @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F81838484-
Sensible Recovery Efficiency @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F7475757577
Sensible Recovery Efficiency @-25 ̊C/-13 ̊F6060606063
Total Recovery Efficiency @ 35 ̊C/95 ̊F--606568
Max current1.
Defrost cycleFan ShutdownFan ShutdownFan ShutdownFan ShutdownFan Shutdown
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Specify ATMO™ for Your Project

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