FIT Fresh air appliances

ERV for balanced ventilation in multi-family homes

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

  • Airflow up to 129 cfm @ 0.4" w.g

  • 4” duct connection (FIT 70E)

  • 5" duct connection (all FIT 120E models)

  • Compact light-weight design with 10" installed depth

  • Mechanical shut-off damper (-D models)

  • ENERGY STAR Certified (-EC Models)

  • Warm supply and return air on the left-hand side  (-M models)

  • Hard-connect system, no power cord provided (-HC models)

  • Recommended control: ECO Feel® AUTO IAQ

FIT fits multi-family projects

Designed for multi-family residential applications, the FIT® appliance brings a continuous supply of fresh air into the premises while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air out.

10" Installed Depth

Simplifies installations with limited mechanical space, such as over a false ceiling.

Energy Efficiency

The energy recovery core transfers both heat & moisture from the outgoing exhaust air to the incoming fresh air, reducing the energy required to condition it.

Frost Prevention

Equipped with a preset frost prevention sequence, the appliances automatically activate when outdoor temperatures drop to 14°F (-10°C) or lower.

In the Box

This appliance comes with two washable, UL900-certified, electrostatic panel-type air filters, integrated in-door manometer ports, an external electrical box with easy-connect ports, a ceiling mounting bracket, and metal collars with rubber gaskets to ensure a tight connection on rigid ductwork.

FIT® Comparison

Airflow range (low-high) (cfm @ 0.4" wg.)35-7040-127 40-12740-129
Duct connection (inch)4555
Voltage/Phase (V/~)120/1120/1120/1120/1
Connection typeRoundRoundRoundRound
Consumed power (low/high speed) (W)40/5855/10455/10423/74
Fan Efficacy @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F1.3
Apparent Sensible Recovery Efficiency @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F78%81%81%80%
Sensible Recovery Efficiency @ 0 ̊C/32 ̊F70%74%74%77%
Sensible Recovery Efficiency @-25 ̊C/-13 ̊F34%61%61%61%
Total Recovery Efficiency @ 35 ̊C/95 ̊F40%64%64%70%
Max current (A)
Defrost cycleFan ShutdownFan ShutdownFan ShutdownFan Shutdown