Attic Ventilation

Unlock the key to resilient homes by prioritizing attic ventilation. The cornerstone, not just a requirement, of crafting homes that endure, excel, and exceed expectations while meeting and exceeding building codes.

Beyond mere airflow, proper ventilation safeguards against:

Structural damage

Temperature extremes

Energy inefficiency

Application Renderings

RE or REC Series

Centrifugal fans designed for residential roof ventilation are strategically mounted externally to effectively minimize interior noise disturbances.

PT6 Attic Thermostat

Elevate attic fan performance and optimize electricity usage for maximum efficiency with an attic thermostat.

Attic Exhaust with Inline Fans

Ensure constant heat dissipation and unmatched longevity and reliability. An inline fan can assist in maintaining proper attic temperature and prevent moisture buildup.

Attic ventilation isn't just about air—it's about durability, comfort, efficiency, and a commitment to quality builds that stand the test of time.

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Ivan Daza
Project Manager - Fans

Regulations and Factors

Important to know
  • International Residential Code (IRC) R806.1 Requires 1 square foot of net free ventilation area to every 150 square foot of attic floor space (1/150).

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.2 Requires 0.35 air changes per hour but not less than 15 cfm per person.

  • Local Building Codes May have additional requirements or variations.

  • Code Compliance and Efficiency Adhering to codes ensures safety and minimizes costs through energy-efficient solutions.

  • Moisture Control and Mold Prevention Safeguarding against mold and wood rot ensures both indoor air quality and the structural integrity of homes.

  • Temperature Control Enhances living comfort, protects roofing materials from hot and cold weather, and promotes energy efficient HVAC.

  • Noise Reduction Enhance overall comfort of living spaces.

  • Customizable Solutions Tailor systems to specific project requirements and offer unique selling points to clients.

Attic Ventilation Solutions and Best Practices

The vital role
  • Prioritize ventilation to ensure code compliance, energy efficiency and structural longevity.

  • Implement best practices for optimal moisture control, energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Elevate your builds with strategic attic ventilaiton using inline fans and proper ventilation products.

Discovery Questions

Good to know

How to size your RE or REC fan?

Calculate airflow requirements based on the attic's size and ventilation needs. These fans, ideal for external, roof mounting and offer efficient residential ventilation without concerns about interior noise due to the exterior motor placement.

How to size your Inline fan?

Determine airflow needs based on attic size. A rule of 1 cfm per 1 sq ft should suffice for attic fan selection. The permanently sealed, self-lubricating motor bearings guarantee a maintenance-free lifespan, supported by an industry-leading warranty.

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