SHR Recovery ventilators

HRV for balanced ventilation in residential and commercial applications

  • Light Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Side Port Connections 

  • 1-2 Bedroom Homes (SH 704)

  • Easy mount wall bracket (SH 704)

  • Light Commercial Projects (Other Models)

  • Reversible Doors (Other Models)

  • External 3-position switch Low/Standby/High (Other Models)

Energy Efficiency

Facilitates energy savings by recovering energy from the building's exhaust air and using it to temper the incoming outdoor air. 

Year-round performance

Equipped with automatic defrost mechanisms, the appliance can operate effectively throughout the year, even in cold climates.

Versatile Applications

Designed to serve a wide range of commercial and institutional spaces, where balanced ventilation is essential.

Defrost Mode

Equipped with a supply fan shutdown defrost to prevent the heat recovery core from freezing to maximize performance in cold climates.