INLINE doesn't mean INSIDE

Here is a creative example of how an inline fan RVF 4XL can be used for a single application outside of your home. A public park or campground with washrooms still needs its air taken care of. The added benefit of an exterior mount fan is that you don’t need to crawl into an attic space in the small, unconditioned washroom you are working in.

Keep the installation simple by working from the outside!

RVF 4XL Exhaust fan

Take the fight out! Installed on the exterior washroom wall, the RVF 4XL helps remove odors and humidity. Paired with a door switch ASDS and MGE4 metal exhaust air difuser, the system delivers best results. 

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MGE 4 Exhaust metal diffuser

Exhaust air diffuser MGE4 for installation in ducts. Galvanized metal housing. The diffuser is equipped with a metal collar for ease of installation. 

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ASDS Door Switch

Mechanical switch ASDS allow for turning the exhaust fan on. Paired with an electronic timer (purchased separately), you can fully automize the exhaust ventilation system.

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