Mini-splits Shouldn’t Divide Your IAQ

We can fill your WHOLE home with healthy, fresh air

A single family home may be equipped with a ductless mini split heating/cooling unit in geographical areas where mild climates only require excessive air conditioning a few days a year, but that can fall short in a few ways.

Installation of multiple mini-split units to effectively condition air in individual bedrooms and living rooms may be required. This isolates the effectiveness of a mini-split to its immediate location. The conditioned air stays locally around the unit. In some homes, the solution might not be cost prohibitive. But a simple inline FG fan with strategic intake and exhaust points can provide conditioned air to a greater area of space with minimal renovation.

FG6 Inline Duct Fan

FG6 inline duct fan pulls air from the conditioned dining room and transfers it to the living room and bedrooms at low cost. 

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FIDT 6 Insulated Flexible Duct

Acoustical insulated flexible duct speeds up installation by reducing the number of joints in a run and eliminating the need for elbows and offsets.

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MGS/MGE Expansion Grilles

Supply and exhaust air grilles MGS and MGE for mounting into rigit or flexible ducts. 

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