When Your Lungs are Bigger than Your Stomach

The kitchen is the heart of the home. But in newer projects, community kitchens are becoming more and more prevalent outside of the residential dwellings. Even though these kitchens aren't inside a typical home, the people that gather here come to be together.

A large space like this might also require an exhaust system over 400 CFM. In this case, Fantech offers make up air solutions that replenish lost air without any unnecessarily loud exhaust or harsh smells. This is just one way Fantech brings people together. 

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MUAS1200 Makeup Air

This makeup air system automatically replenishes lost air as needed to ensure your kitchen is happy and the party is on.

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FKD 10XL Exhaust Fan

This inline fan allows exhast air escape freely without any noice in your kitchen. It is also a smart solution: the fan adjusts its speed based on the input from the makeup air system.

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HL42 Hood Liner

Whether the hood is wooden, metal or masonry, the HL Series hood liners are compatible with most hood designs. Attractive stainless steel fascia supported by a sturdy, galvanized steel housing. 

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