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Fantech manufactures an extensive range of ventilation products, beginning with our industry first centrifugal inline fan to a wide range of commercial fans. Fantech also manufactures a high quality range of residential and light commercial HRV/ERVs.

A full complement of Air Terminal devices, Controls, and accessories completes the full range of residential and commercial ventilation products.

Our products can be installed in a variety of locations, including apartments, condos, single family homes, offices, hotels, stores, training facilities and sports centers, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Whether it is new construction or a retrofit project, our products are second to none in quality, reliability and length of service life. That's simply better®.

Our Product lines

Fans and Accessories

Fantech is often associated with inline duct fans, but our product range expands into several other product groups, such as makeup air systems, power roof ventilators, filtration and ventilation accessories. These products are installed in a variety of applications, including single family homes, apartments, hotels, stores, warehouses and production facilities.

Fans and Accessories Overview

Fresh Air Appliances

Fresh air appliances with Heat and Energy Recovery for single and multi-family homes, condos, high-rise apartment buildings, controls and duct appurtenances.

Fresh Air Appliances Overview

Commercial Ventilation

Light commercial Heat and Energy recovery ventilators for a variety of industrial and commercial building applications or large single family home projects and commercial kitchen exhaust fans, makeup air ventilators, solutions that require high volume ventilation.

Commercial Ventilation Overview

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