Vent out that soggy air

How a simple roof fan can stop your attic from overheating.

Your attic space acts as a thermal buffer between your house and the outdoors. During much of the year, the ventilation in your attic automatically regulates itself thanks to natural differences in pressure. But in the hot climates or during the summertime it is possible for these pressures to even out and create stagnate air.

As the famous Japanese haiku goes,

Roof fan casts out air,
Attic space is really hot,
Thanks attic roof fan.

That’s why a RE (or REC) Series attic exhaust air fan should be used to mechanically ventilate your attic space when things get too heated under your roof. 

Ventilate. Easy.

In order for attic exhaust fan to be effective, you need a supply of fresh air coming in from soffits under the roof’s overhang or gable vents. An external thermostat mounted in the attic controls the temperature and kicks the fan on when the temperature raises to the set limit.

By controlling the attic environment, you can create a constant flow of air through the attic in any time of year and save it from damaging effects of temperature and moisture.

RE 6 Attic exhaust fan

A roof fan allows hot, stagnate air to freely escape when your attic space is getting overheated. It is also a considerably quieter solution than you might think because of the remote location on the roof’s exterior.

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FAT 10 Attic thermostat

Installing the thermostat on the roof exhaust fan is a simple job that helps you make efficient use of electricity. Adjustable temperature range is between 80 and 130ºF.

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RSK 6 Backdraft damper

A backdraft damper keeps unwanted air out of your attic space by not allowing the wind to force its way in.

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