Your Hair Needs Fresh Air

Getting your hair done is supposed to be fun, not smelly.

Keeping the lion’s mane conditioned and clean takes a lot of work… and there are a few smelly chemicals that help push the hair in the opposite direction of gravity. Some of these odors can be obnoxious or unhealthy to breath all day long. The filters in the AC unit are not up to snuff when it comes to dealing with these smells.

A Fresh Air Appliance FIT 120 might be the perfect solution for getting rid of all the smells and excess noise that may disrupt the ambiance of your small business. Rather than recirculating these obnoxious fumes all day, fresh air is simply introduced to your space. Energy loss isn’t a pressing issue either because of the energy transfer that occurs inside of the unit.

FIT 120E Fresh Air Appliance

FIT 120E is ideally suited not only for condos and apartments but hair salons too. The unit can easily located over the false ceiling.

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COM 5P Supply/Exhaust vents

Combo pack of intake and exhaust vents. The intake vent is equipped with a bug/leaf screen. The exhaust vent only opens when the appliance is in use.

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MGE/MGS Exhaust/Supply Vents

Supply and exhaust air grilles MGS and MGE for mounting into rigit or flexible ducts.

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