Keep the air moving when your car is in park

Don’t let dangerous fumes roll their way into your home.

Your garage is a home to a plethora of smells and liquids that you use all over your house. Not all of these smells are harmless though.  

Attached garage air quality matters because the space's two main purposes are for parking emission-releasing vehicles and storing items that can include hazardous materials. Your attached garage is attached to your house; it naturally has an impact on the rest of your home’s air quality and safety.

Fantech offers a simple solution that keeps dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC) and chemical fumes from making it into your home. 

Park. Easy.

RVF 4 Wall-mount exhaust fan

Take the fight out! Installed on the exterior garage wall, the RVF 4 helps remove VOCs and fumes. Paired with a stepless speed control 6637-PW and MGE4 metal exhaust air difuser, the system delivers best results. 

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MGE 4 Exhaust air diffuser

Exhaust air diffuser for installation in ducts. Galvanized metal housing. The diffuser is equipped with a metal collar for ease of installation. 

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IPF05 Speed controller

A slide-type speed controller is a simple and effective solution to adjust the exhaust air flow on demand. For your convenience, install it by the main door switch and adjust the air when needed.

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