If you can’t go out, go up

Always exhaust away from the the people you’re keeping safe.

The purpose of exhausting fumes from your detached garage is to protect the health of you and your family. So, if your garage is stuck between a rock and a hard place; in this case, a playground and a balcony window, you’ll want to vent the air upwards, of course. Thus, ensuring your children are safe from the harmful fumes you are mitigating.


RE 6 Attic exhaust fan

A roof fan allows fumes and stale air to freely escape your garage space. It is also a considerably quieter solution than you might think because of the remote location on the roof’s exterior.

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LD 6 Silencer

The LD effectively reduces noise in the duct. For the most effective noise reduction, the silencer should be fitted immediately before a fan or bend.

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RSK 6 Backdraft damper

A backdraft damper keeps unwanted air out of your garage space by not allowing the wind to force its way in.

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