Summer Fun Year Round

The Swim team doesn’t stop meeting when the pond freezes over

An indoor pool that is used all year round is treated with many chemicals that can be obnoxious if they’re stagnate in the air. A light commercial Fresh Air Appliance can be the perfect solution for keeping your indoor pool ventilated with fresh air even when the nip of winter is at your door. Ventilate. Easy.

SHR 800 Heat Recovery Ventilator

SHR 800 is designed to reduce the occurrence of condensation in the indoor environment. The aluminum heat exchanger core transfers sensible energy between air streams resulting in tempering of the supply air. 

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BPM 0820 Bypass damper for pool applications

BPM is a bypass damper. It temporarily blocks the incoming fresh air stream so that the warm air from the room can circulate through the HRV.

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ECO-Touch Programmable Wall Control

ECO-Touch provides contractors and homeowners with a high level of control over indoor air quality.

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