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Extended Air Flow Range for Light Commercial HRVs/ERVs

Fantech extends its Light Commercial HRVs/ERVs range with higher air flows. Click to read more.

Designed for large residential and light commercial applications, the updated product range of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators will deliver airflows between 700 and 1,400 cfm in a single configuration. The new models feature a by-pass damper as an accessory. 

All in all, newest products provide 5% higher airflows with higher sensible effectiveness, higher energy savings and BMS compatibility versus discontinuing models.

These changes are going to be implemented throughout the month of August through September 2018.

Please, refer to the table below for the cross-reference between new and discontinuing models.

Airflow Model Status Airflow Model Status
Heat Recovery Ventilators
687 cfm 40417, SHR6904 Old 723 cfm 99268, SHR 700 New!
687 cfm 41047, SHR6905R Old Bypass damper sold as Accessory to SHR 700
772 cfm 40443-1, SHR8004 Old 794 cfm 99270, SHR 800 New!
772 cfm 40455-1, SHR8005R Old Bypass damper sold as Accessory to SHR 800
1032 cfm 40419, SHR11004 Old 1219 cfm 99272, SHR 1200 New!
1032 cfm 41048, SHR11005R Old Bypass damper sold as Accessory to SHR 1200
1430 cfm 40438-1, SHR14104 Old 1428 cfm 99274, SHR 1400 New!
1430 cfm 40445-1, SHR14105R Old Bypass damper sold as Accessory to SHR 1400
Energy Recovery Ventilators
606 cfm 75266, SER6004 Old 707 cfm 99276, SER 700 New!
940 cfm 75267, SER9504 Old 1179 cfm 99277, SER 1100 New!
1300 cfm 75268, SER13004 Old 1300 cfm 99278, SER 1300 New!