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An inline fan by Fantech might be just the light-commercial solution you need!

This café needs fresh air in its powder rooms so customers aren’t distracted by smells other than their freshly ground coffee. In a configurable commercial environment you also need flexibility.

A Fantech remote Bathroom Fan allows a contractor to centrally mount a fan while taking care of multiple inlets at once. But what’s more, if your client calls you back to move or add an additional bathroom, you can easily move the inlets without hassling with extra electrical or the purchase of additional expensive hardware.

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PB 270-2 Bath fan w/grilles

This 270 cfm inline fan allows a contractor to vent two independent powder rooms in one duct. It keeps the installation cost down. The bathfan kit includes the fan, 2 grilles and Y-adapter.

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HS6W Exhaust air louver

Vent louvers only open when the bathroom fan is in use.  When closed, they prevent cold air from entering the home in winter, or air-conditioned air from leaving the home in summer. 

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FIDT4/6 Flexible ducts

Acoustical insulated flexible duct speeds up installation by reducing the number of joints in a run and eliminating the need for elbows and offsets. Ducts come as a 25 feet piece ready to use. 

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