Fresh air doesn't
come in a can...

Your house is a lot like this can - sealed tight. But unlike the can, your home isn't full of fresh air. Rather, the air in your
home is recirculated without introducing anything fresh. 

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Help remove Undesirable #1 from your home

We're not talking about this cute pooch.

Learn more how his dander isn't a problem.

Fans and Accessories

Bathroom fans, residential dryer exhaust fans, radon mitigation fans, makeup air systems, inline fans for supply/exhaust air and controls.



Heat Recovery Ventilators

Heat Recovery Ventilators for single and multi-family homes, condos, high-rise apartment buildings, HEPA Filtration units, controls and accessories.


Commercial Ventilation

Light commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators for a variety of industrial applications or large single family home projects that require high volume ventilation.


Secondary Lint Trap

The clue's in the name - the trap catches lint and keeps it from settling in the duct

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The HERO™ Series is the most powerful partner in your fight against indoor air quality villains

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Does cooking a good meal take your breath away?

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Rn4EC is a new inline fan that is on the cutting edge of radon fan technology

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Fantech makes air quality control easy thanks to decades of research, development, and refinement that continue to push the industry forward. Learn which Fantech solution is the best fit in your next project today.