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General Questions

1. Where can I buy Fantech products?

Fantech distributes products nationally through a network of HVAC and Electrical distributorships. To find a distributor that stocks Fantech products in your geographical area, please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives via, or call us at 800.565.3548.

2. How can I view the warranty of my product?

To view your product warranty, please refer to the QR code within the Operation & Installation Manual (OIPM) provided. Which leads you to our Warranty page. If the warranty for your product is missing, or if the QR code fails, please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives via, or call us at 800.747.1762, ext. 3.

3. Where can I find specifications and manuals for a certain product?

Specifications and OIPMs can all be found on the product page for that product. Navigate to the product using the search bar or drop-down menus. Below the product photos and description, select the specifications tab for specifications, and/or select the documents tab for any other downloadable material such as the OIPM.

4. Some of Fantech’s products do not include the full Installation booklet but a quick start guide. Why?

Fantech is committed to reducing waste and making the world a cleaner place. In that effort, a one-page Quick Start Guide (QSG) has been provided in place of a full OIPM. If you need a detailed OIPM, scan the QR code on the QSG to download a digital version of the OIPM.

5. What are your hours of operation?

Fantech’s corporate headquarters are open from 7 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

6. Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

Fantech confirms all orders via e-mail. If there are any problems, you will be contacted via e-mail or by phone with an explanation.