Room-to-Room: Conference Room

Improve conference room comfort with inline fans for better air circulation during busy meetings.

Ideal for supplementing central air-forced systems, these fans ensure optimal airflow when standard ventilation falls short. Triggered by a CO2 sensor, these fans respond dynamically to rising CO2 levels, maintaining a fresh and comfortable environment.

Line drawing of a conference room with an FG6 fan

FG EC Inline Duct Fan

A versatile, durable inline duct fan with low noise operation, thermal protection, and ENERGY STAR® certification, offering easy installation and maintenance with a five-year warranty.

Regulations and factors

Important to know

Compliance & Efficiency

Adhering to codes ensures safety and minimizes costs through energy-efficient solutions.

Zoning & Quietness

Optimizing airflow strategically ensures comfort and productivity with quiet operation.

Occupancy-Based Approach

Adjusting ventilation rates based on occupancy levels maximizes efficiency and enhances well-being.

Our inline fans offer an on-demand boost of room-to-room ventilation, ensuring that meeting spaces remain fresh and inviting, fostering an environment where ideas flourish.

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Ivan Daza
Product Manager - Fans

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