Hair Salons

In the dynamic setting of a salon, maintaining a fresh and peaceful atmosphere is essential.

Inline fans as part of the salon’s ventilation system ensures a safe environment and contributes to the overall customer experience.

Salon Ventilation

SHR 450 Heat Recovery Ventilator

Delivers a steady stream of clean, filtered air into the salon while expelling an equivalent volume of polluted air. Its compact design makes it easy to install in spaces with restricted mechanical room, like above a dropped ceiling.


These metal supply grilles offer effortless installation onto the mounting frame or directly onto the duct.

Balanced ventilation provides a perfect solution for eliminating fumes and odors while maintaining a serene ambiance essential for a comfortable salon experience.

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Regulations and Factors

Important to know
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) Mandates a minimum exhaust rate of 50 cfm with exhaust inlets positioned no more than 12 inches horizontally and vertically from the point of chemical application (P1), a minimum of 50 cfm per station (P2).

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and (ASHRAE) Standards Requires a design must be capable of exhausting a minimum of 50 cfm per station, prohibiting the recirculation of exhausted air and providing makeup air.

  • State and Local Codes May include specific requirements for ventilation systems in commercial settings.

  • Code Compliance and Efficiency Adhering to codes ensures safety and minimizes costs through energy-efficient solutions.

  • Client Comfort Improve customer experience by ensuring optimal indoor air quality.

  • Health and Safety Promote client and employee well-being by controlling exposure to chemicals and pollutants.

  • Odor Control Efficiently remove odors associated with hair treatments, nail products, and other salon activities.

  • Noise Ventilation systems with low noise levels preserve a peaceful and relaxing salon atmosphere.

  • VOC Sensing Technology Monitor air quality in real-time and proactively manage indoor pollutants.

Ventilation Solutions for Salon Comfort & Safety

Boost client satisfaction

Hair and nail salons require versatile ventilation solutions to prioritize client comfort, health, safety, and compliance. Leveraging these opportunities ensures regulatory adherence, boosts client satisfaction, enhances safety, and fosters a sustainable salon environment.

Balanced Ventilation Solutions to Enhance the Salon Experience

The power of fresh air

Step into a salon that breathes new life into every appointment. Our fresh air appliances eliminate stale odors and promote a healthier environment. With discreet designs tailored to the salon's layout, our systems prioritize both comfort and safety, ensuring a revitalizing experience for clients and staff alike. Elevate salons today with the power of fresh air.

TVOC Sensing Wall Controls


In the fast-paced environment of a salon, maintaining optimal air quality is essential for the comfort and well-being of both clients and staff. A TVOC sensing control offers a proactive approach to managing indoor air quality, allowing salon owners to detect and mitigate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) effectively. From controlling chemical fumes to ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere, this technology enhances the overall experience for everyone.

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