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The Webshop offers an easy, safe, and efficient way to place orders. Work when it suits you, save your time and maintain full control over all your purchases. You should be a registered Fantech customer to get access.

Quick, easy, and available 24/7
Work when it suits you, regardless of our office hours. The Webshop is at your service and open 24/7.

We provide the smart tools that will help you get the optimal product for your project anytime you need it. You can shop from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Full control over your orders
In the Webshop, you always get the correct prices according to your contact with us. You can also access your orders and invoices through My Orders. The order history reflects all orders you have placed with Fantech in the past, not just those placed online through the Webshop.

Information in the order history can be easily filtered to help you see all the orders placed with us, search for old orders or sort out only the transactions you have placed personally.


Availability and Ship Dates Immediately

The Webshop allows you to check stock status and available ship dates.*

Track Shipments

You can easily check the status of your orders and follow your shipments in real-time.

Flexible Delivery

You can choose the delivery address for every shipment in the Webshop.

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*If, against all odds, we do not have the full quantity of products you need in stock, you can opt for partial delivery. This means we will deliver the products we have available now and send the rest as soon as the products are available to ship. You can always see the relevant dates reflected in the Webshop before you place an order. You are also given an option to choose when you would like your order to be shipped.