Wall ventilators

Axial wall mount supply and exhaust fans for medium to large air flows for industrial and commercial applications.

Wall Ventilators

These fans are designed to exhaust air from an unconditioned space, such as a carpenter's shop, an automobile garage, modern barn shops, and many more places.

2SHE Wall Ventilators

The 2SHE wall- or ceiling-mount fans are powerful ventilation fans with a gravity, metal damper suitable for workshops, warehouses, factories, & more.

1WMC Wall Ventilators

The 1WMC wall-mount fans are specially made for quiet and aesthetic operation with powerful ventilation. Suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential applications that need a sleek appearance.

FADE Wall Ventilators

The FADE wall-mount, painted fans are compact and offer high ventilation for small or large commercial applications. The cabinet models offer similar airflow with an aesthetic look. Both models are suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

2VLD Wall Ventilators

The 2VLD fans are suitable for general ventilation purposes to exhaust dirt, dust, grease, or moisture. Suitable for commercial and residential applications.

2GMS Wall Ventilators

The 2GMS fans are particularly useful in settings where robust and reliable ventilation is needed to maintain air quality and temperature control. Their guard-mounted design ensures safety and durability, making them a preferred choice in industrial and commercial applications.