Replacement Part Lookup

When your Fantech product does too, use the replacement parts’ lookup designed specifically for your needs.

Sometimes life requires a little maintenance.

Spare parts are the backbone of industrial continuity. They ensure that the equipment works and supports sustainability.

Michel Landry
Director of Customer Service

All benefits at a glance

Spare Parts


Knowing that suitable spare parts for your appliance of ventilator are readily available alleviates concerns about potential issues.


Genuine spare parts that are tested and approved ensure compatibility and optimal performance, significantly reducing the risk of malfunctions.


Using the correct spare parts helps extend the lifespan of your equipment.


Choosing authentic spare parts supports eco-friendly practices by reducing electronic waste and promoting responsible consumption.

How to find the Serial number

The serial number is always located on the product label on a side of the product. Refer to the images below. Alternatively, you can scan a QR code to view the spare part list (where applicable).

For Fresh Air Appliances (H/ERV products) and Light Commercial HRV/ERVs, CVS Series of inline duct fans

For all fan products and Dehumidifiers excluding CVS Series