Public Washroom

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Public washrooms can be a headache. Odors, moisture, and stagnant air - they're not good for user experience, building reputation, or your bottom line. Optimizing public washroom ventilation is within reach, offering benefits that transcend mere "fresh air." 

Ensuring these areas are safe from backdrafting and comfortable for occupants is the lynchpin to a successful operation. 

Regulations and Factors

Important to know
  • 2021 IMC: 403.3.1.1 Every bathroom and toilet room must have the ability to exhaust at least 50 CFM intermittently or 20 CFM continuously per water closet or urinal.

  • 2020 NBC of Canada: Chapter 9.32 section 3.5 Requires an outdoor air supply fan to be installed to balance the air inside the ancillary space.

  • Customized Energy Efficient Solutions Fantech offers energy-efficient solutions utilizing DC or EC technology, such as remote and wall/ceiling mount bath fans and fresh air appliances, all compliant with various North American codes.

  • Air Quality, Health, and Safety Fantech ventilation systems ensure odor removal, enhance air quality, and maintain safe indoor environments by balancing air pressure to prevent combustion gas backdraft.

Incorporating efficient and safe ventilation systems into public washroom design isn't just functional, it's creative. By integrating them seamlessly, we can create healthier and more welcoming spaces for everyone.

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Ivan Daza
Product Manager - Fans

Exterior Wall Mount Solution

Solution 1

A public park or campground with washrooms still needs its air taken care of. The added benefit of an exterior mount fan is that you don’t need to crawl into an attic space in the small, unconditioned washroom you are working in. Keep the installation simple by working from the outside! 

line drawing of a park bathroom with fantech products

RVF Exhaust Fan

Take the fight out! Installed on the exterior washroom wall, the RVF fan helps remove odors and humidity.

Paired with a door switch and a metal exhaust air diffuser, the system delivers the best results. 

MGE Exhaust Diffuser

The galvanized metal housing makes this exhaust air diffuser great for installation with flex or rigid ducts.

Features & Benefits

Outdoor installation ensures fan motor noise stays outside, keeping the inside quiet.

Extracts stale, humid, and polluted air from multiple indoor areas.

Galvanized housing with painted cover minimizes corrosion potential.

Neoprene seals ensure minimal leakage in high temperature ranges. Operable in air temperatures up to 140°F.

How to size the RVF

Per water closet or stall, the 2021 IMC states the ventilation system must be able to exhaust 50 cfm intermittently or 20 cfm continuously.  

The RVF 10 can handle up to 650 cfm at 0.25 in. w.g. Large public washrooms with up to 12 stalls that use an RVF 10 meet code, remove odors quickly, and keep the indoor air fresher. 


The door switch activates the exhaust fan after the occupant enters the restroom. Paired with an electronic timer (purchased separately), the exhaust ventilation system can be fully automated. 

Fresh Air Appliance

Solution 2
Exterior picture of public bathroom at st. david's park

HERO Fresh Air Appliance

St. David's Park

Both washrooms needed exhaust ventilation to move the stale, musty air out. Since there are 3 rooms in total within this ancillary space, two washrooms and a mechanical room, each space needed exhaust ventilation to keep the same air going out across the three spaces. 

Features & Benefits

Conditions the supply air in the core before it enters the space.

One system for multiple rooms or areas.

Keeps the pressure equal throughout each space

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