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Respecter le code avec HERO® : Ventilation efficace des toilettes publiques

Adhérer au code du bâtiment local à Mount Pearl, NL

St. David's Park

Building Codes

When designing the washrooms, the mechanical engineering team, Jewer Bailey Consultants, had to abide by the standards outlined in the 2020 Canadian National Building Code; specifically 9.32. Ventilation, which concerns exhaust ventilation, to deal with obnoxious odors. The supply airflow of the ventilation system must be within 10% of the exhaust airflow.

The Perfect Product

Both washrooms needed exhaust ventilation to move the stale, musty air out. Since there are 3 rooms in total within this ancillary space, two washrooms and a mechanical room, each space needed exhaust ventilation to keep the same air going out across the three spaces. The designers chose to use a HERO® Fresh Air Appliance.




Mount Pearl, NL, Canada


HERO® Fresh Air Appliance

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