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About Us

Our Purpose is Based on Three Simple Things:

Bring knowledge of healthy indoor air to building design professionals.

Help make indoor places safer

Embed sustainability into current and future designs

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We Fulfill Our Customers’ Expectations and Offer Products and Solutions Based on Their Needs

Our value anchors us in nurturing relationships with our key stakeholders, including distributors, homebuilders, and HVAC professionals. We cultivate a symbiotic ecosystem where we receive value from them and reciprocally generate value for them. At the heart of our mission is the ambition to influence and positively impact all our stakeholders through our ongoing value creation efforts.

Distribution Partners

We ensure a seamless ordering process and fast turnaround times for our distributors, bolstering their experience and efficiency.

Builders & Developers

We offer builders and developers a complete, all-encompassing ventilation solution, ensuring healthier and optimal indoor environments.

HVAC & Electrical Contractors

We offer HVAC and electrical contractors easy-to-select and install products, enhancing their project efficiency and success.

End Users and Homeowners

Our energy-efficient ventilation products help amplify indoor air quality solutions and comfort by expertly controlling climate and minimizing pollutants.

Why We Care About Indoor Air Quality?

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Healthy Indoor Environments

Our products help ensure indoor spaces are properly ventilated. Additionally, they help remove pollutants, control humidity, and optimize air circulation. Adequate ventilation creates a balanced fresh air ecosystem that is vital for maintaining an individual’s good health and comfort, as well as enabling cost-effective indoor environments.

Regulatory Compliance

Our products help ensure compliance of new builds with local, regional, and national codes and guidelines. By keeping up with evolving regulations and industry best practices, we provide our customers with peace of mind that their indoor air quality system is in line with the latest standards.

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Energy efficiency is a metric we stand behind. Our Fresh Air Appliances help recover and reuse energy from outgoing air, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Effective ventilation systems help minimize the need for excessive energy consumption, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and mitigate the environmental impact of buildings on a global scale.

Our Commitment

Excellent indoor air quality at home, at work and in public spaces

A comprehensive ventilation system can:

Lower the risk of the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer

Stop 85% of chemicals from leaking into the home

Reduce environmental contribution to asthma in children

Hinder mold from forming

Products for Better IAQ

Healthy indoor air quality starts with ventilation

Our energy-efficient products make a real difference in reducing energy usage in buildings and contribute to a greater well-being.

Our Fresh Air Appliances for ventilation in single-family homes is one example. These ventilation systems sold in North America over a year play part in enabling:

230 GWh
Lower energy consumption

Based on average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer in 2021

Lower CO2 emissions

Equivalent to carbon dioxide emissions from on average 6,500 cars per year

Sustainable operations

  • We make great efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from our operations.

  • We care about the environment and work to minimize the company’s negative impact.

  • We strive to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and operations.

Sustainable products

  • We offer energy-efficient products that help reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

  • By improving Indoor Air Quality, solutions employing our products contribute to better health of building occupants.

  • We strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of our products by designing them from a life cycle perspective.

Sustainable workplace

  • We envision a zero-injury workplace at our facilities and work systematically to reduce the number of work-related injuries each year.

  • We offer our employees opportunities to advance through competence development, additional training, and annual performance reviews.

  • We have an inclusive culture and actively promote equal opportunity and diversity.

Sustainable enterprise

  • We ensure that business decisions are in accord with applicable laws and in all cases are taken ethically and responsibly.

  • We operate a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption.

  • We apply sustainability requirements to suppliers and partners and manage sustainability risks relating to the supply chain.

How We Measure Success

1.3Million Homes

breathe easy with our ventilating appliances with heat and energy recovery and improved indoor air quality

1.34Million Families

now feel safer because their homes are equipped with a Radon mitigation fan

1.13Million Homes

are safe thanks to Fantech dryer exhaust solutions used in residential laundries

60Thousand Homes

benefit from an enhanced level of HEPA filtration

700Thousand Bathroom Fans

exhaust excessive humidity and odors elevating the bathing experience

Better Air Everywhere

It's not just our tagline. It's our commitment to solutions that help redefine indoor air quality.