Fans & Accessories

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Fans & Accessories

Fans for bathroom exhaust, dryer exhaust, radon mitigation, inline supply and exhaust air, makeup air systems, remote-mount, ceiling- and wall-mount, duct boosting, and accessories designed to ease installation and improve accessibility for the end user. As you can see, fans & accessories are found here to solve your ventilation problems and make installation a breeze.

Bathroom Fans

These fans are a great way to provide local exhaust in an area that needs it: the bathroom. PB fans come with an inline fan along with grilles and/or wyes to terminate the duct installation and/or extend it.

Makeup Air System

These systems are designed to bring air back in, or "makeup air", lost from kitchen exhaust. Makeup Air Systems save customers from having to reheat the home after removing that smoky kitchen air and help the exhaust system operate efficiently to remove smoke and smells from the kitchen.

Dryer Exhaust Fans

These fans are key to efficient clothes dryer operation. Dryer Exhaust Fans are specially designed to operate with the clothes dryer and to detect positive pressure in the duct. This reduces drying times and the opportunity for lint to build up.

Radon Fans

These fans are the "guardians" of the home. Radon Fans are designed to reduce radon gas concentrations in buildings, particularly in residential homes.

Inline Duct Fans

These fans are known for their leak-free housing design, economical use of energy, and excellent ease of control. Circular, square, rectangular, or exterior-mounted, resin or metal duct fans are available for various supply and exhaust air applications.

Accessories available include electrical and mounting accessories, controls, and more.

Crawlspace Fan

These fans are designed to remove humidity from the air and safeguard your home's foundational spaces. Consider the CSF4 to help your non-encapsulated crawlspace breathe better.

Air Curtain

These products are designed to blow air across an opening to keep more of the outside out and the inside in. Air Curtains can be used above a 9-inch doorway to help the customer save on heating costs and keep bugs out when opening and closing the door.

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