Remote mount exterior fan
Remote mount exterior fan

PB Bathroom fans

Remote exhaust fans for single or multiple locations. With or without LED lights.

  • Smallest Footprint on Ceiling 

  • Dimmable Light 

  • UL Listed 

  • Energy Efficient 

  • Backdraft Damper Included

Noise—or lack thereof.

The fan is located away from the bathroom, ensuring the noise level is minimized. It provides efficient moisture removal with minimum disturbances. 

Small grille size

The compact grille's design minimizes its footprint on the ceiling to remain unobtrusive.

Energy Efficiency

This Premium Bath Fan is ENERGY STAR® listed, indicating that it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

2 baths for the price of 1

Dual grille Premium Bath Fan can effectively ventilate two areas of the bathroom or two different bathrooms, simultaneously.