RVF, Inline duct fans

RVF Inline duct fans

Moderate to high airflow exterior wall-mount fan

  • Fan motor noise kept outside

  • RAL 9016 painted housing

  • Airflow temperatures up to 140°F

  • Built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset

  • Rubber gasket for ease of duct installation

  • Five-year factory warranty


This exterior exhaust fan extracts stale, humid, and polluted air from indoor areas. Application examples include bathrooms, utility rooms, residential garages, etc.

Durable Construction

Features a galvanized RAL9016 painted housing, minimizing the potential for corrosion, and ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.


Lightweight, compact, and simple to install. Controllable with an external speed control between 20 and 100%.

Compatible with BMS

Product performance can be monitored and analyzed by a building management system via 0-10V DC signal.